It’s a great day for Juicing!

It’s a great day for Juicing!

Juice Up 412’s Blush will make you not only Blush (😊) it’ll make you smile (😃).

Majestic Lane of Juice Up 412 speaking about, Farm to Table, Food Deserts, and Social Entrepreneurship at the Farm To Table conference.

Our new Blush juice leaves customers satisfied! It’s beets, oranges, and ginger. The nutritional benefits are great and the taste is delicious! It sticks to our model: “nutritious and delicious”

Juice up with the Juice Crew!

Great Juice; Great Tie; Great Conversation! Thanks for the support!


1, 2, 1, 1, 2! Yes, yes y’all! And you don’t stop! I am… The man with density and propensity to teach you about solar electricity, with the immensity and intensity, to educate you and yours efficiently, existensively, all about renewables, in a form that’s memorable, edible and chewable! Last…

Cheers to the Juice Life @ Grandview Elementary School!

This photographer from Cleveland came and took a lot of pictures of the Juice bar. She loved the juice and asked for us to take a few photos of her.

"It’s our goal to provide nutritious delicious juices to inspire more people to invest in their personal health and wellness."
— The Juice Crew on Twitter (@JuiceUp412)